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District Belief Statement
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Posting Dates April 19, 2019 – May 2, 2019



IS THE 2019 – 2020 SCHOOL YEAR


PER WVDE POLICY 5000AND WV CODE 18A-4-7a(k)(2)




VB 2019-242

Buffalo   Elementary --- 1st Grade

VB 2019-243

Buffalo   Elementary – 3rd Grade

VB 2019-244

Chapmanville   Primary School – 1st Grade

VB 2019-245

Chapmanville Primary School – Title I Reading

VB 2019-246

Chapmanville   Middle School – Social Studies 7/8

VB 2019-247

Chapmanville   Middle School – Math 7/8

VB 2019-248

Chapmanville   Middle School – School Counselor

VB 2019-249

Chapmanville   Middle School – Multi-categorical

VB 2019-250

Chapmanville   Middle School – Business Education

VB 2019-251

Chapmanville   Regional High School – Multi-categorical

VB 2019-252

Chapmanville   Regional High School – PE/Health

VB 2019-253

Man   High School - Biology

VB 2019-254

Man   Middle School – Social Studies 5/6

VB 2019-255

Man   Middle School – ENG/LA 5/6

VB 2019-256

Omar   Elementary – 2nd Grade


1.        Submit the professional vacancy request form stating the exact position(s) for which you are applying.

2.        A separate professional vacancy request form must be submitted for each vacancy.

3.        If you apply for two (2) or more positions with the same application deadline, please rank those positions in order of preference on a separate sheet and attach a copy to each professional vacancy request form. (Please sign and date.)

4.        Applications must be received in the Logan County Schools Personnel Department no later than 4 p.m. on the deadline date




May 31, 2019  is an instructional day

June 3,  2019   is an instructional day   - Students last day

June 4, 2019   is a prep for closing day - Teachers last day



2019 - 2020 School  Calendar  has been approved by

Board of Education






Twenty two students from Ralph R. Willis Career & Technical Center (RRWCTC) participated in the  annual SkillsUSA State Championship competitions.  The annual competition determines the “best of the best” from many programs of study for students throughout the state.

SkillsUSA is the national organization for students in trade, industrial, technical and health occupations fields.  It sponsors the SkillsUSA Championship competitions annually to recognize the achievements of Career and Technical Education students and to encourage them to strive for excellence and pride in their chosen fields.  Students who win gold (1st  place) will compete at the SkillsUSA National Leadership Conference that will be held in Louisville, Ky.

The annual two-day state competition was held on March 22-23, 2019 at Fairmont State University in Fairmont, WV.   The students from Ralph R. Willis Career and Technical Center represented all three high schools in Logan County - Chapmanville Regional High, Logan High and Man High.

Front Row:  David Adkins (Principal), Kevin Maynard (Post-Secondary Manual Lathe 1st  Place), Jacob Vannatter (Job Interview)

Middle Row:  Kimberly Martin (Option Pathway Instructor), Eddie Kirkendoll (Electrical Technology Instructor), Teresa Justice (Pro-Start Instructor), Blake Runyon (Information Technology Services), Billie Dotson (Employment Application Process), Charles Rosser (Welding Fabrication), Becky Keathley (Computer Technology Instructor\SkillsUSA Advisor), Jayleigh Riley (Resturant Services 3rd Place), Noah Hurst (Automotive Service Technology), Amber Richards (Prepared Speech 2nd Place), Haylea Bumgarner (Culinary Arts), Lori Canterbury (Medical Terminology 2nd Place), Alex Lee (Technical Computer Applications 2nd Place), Regina Kirk (Executive Secretary of CTE)

Back Row:  Bill Wilcox (HVAC&R Instructor), Cliff Motes (Automotive Service Technology Instructor), John Welch (Post-Secondary HVAC&R 3rd Place), Jason Thomas (Welding Fabrication), (Nick Vance (Manual Lathe 2nd Place), Chris Watson (Job Skills Demonstration A), Josh Ross (Welding Fabrication), Cameron Zealy (Web Design 2nd Place), David McCoy (Job Skills Demonstration 3rd Place), Isaac Lambert (CNC Milling), Hershel Carter (Web Design 2nd Place)

Kayla Toler, a student from Kim Brown’s Therapeutic Services program competed in Health Occupations Professional Portfolio competition.  She also represented Ralph R. Willis Career and Technical Center as President for the 2019 West Virginia SkillsUSA State Leadership and Skills Conference.

Lori Canterbury, a student from Kim Brown’s Therapeutic Services program competed in the Medical Terminology competition and won a silver medal (2nd place).  Also, Amber Richards, a student from Kim Brown’s Therapeutic Services program competed in Prepared Speech and won a silver medal (2nd place).

Kayla Toler, President WV SkillsUSA

Lori Canterbury, Medical Terminology (2nd Place Winner)

Amber Richards, Prepared Speech (2nd Place Winner)

Hershel Carter and Cameron Zealy, students from Becky Keathley’s Computer Technology program, won silver medals (2nd place) in the Web Design competition.  The competition required students to design and develop a WV tourism web site.  Alex Lee, a student from Becky Keathley’s Computer Technology program, won a silver medal (2nd place) in Technical Computer Applications.  David McCoy, a student from the Computer Technology program, won a bronze medal (3rd place) in the Job Skills Demonstration competition.

Hershel Carter and Cameron Zealy, Web Design (2nd Place Winner)

Alex Lee, Technical Computer Applications (2nd Place Winner)

David McCoy, Job Skills Demonstration (1st Place Winner)

Kevin Maynard, a post-secondary student form Jack Frye’s Machine Tool Technology program won a gold medal (1st place) in the Manual Lathe competition.  Also, Nick Vance, won a silver medal (2nd place) in the Manual Lathe competition.

Kevin Maynard, Post-Secondary Manual Lathe (1st Place Winner)

Nick Vance, Manual Lathe (2nd Place Winner)

John Welch, a student from Bill Wilcox’s HVAC & R program won a bronze medal (3rd  place) in the HVAC & R competition.  Also, Jayleigh Riley, a student from Teresa Justice’s Pro-Start program won a bronze medal (3rd place) in the Restaurant Services competition.

John Welch, Post-Secondary HVAC & R (3rd Place Winner)

Jayleigh Riley, Restaurant Services (3rd Place Winner)

The following students also competed in the WV SkillsUSA competitions and represented their programs from RRWCTC:

•    Blake Runyon from Becky Keathley’s Computer Technology program competed in the

Information Technology Services competition.

•    Haylea Bumgarner from Teresa Justice’s Pro-Start program competed in the Culinary Arts competition.

•    Noah Hurst from Cliff Motes’ Automotive Services Technology program competed in the Automotive Services Technology competition.

•    Isaac Lambert from Jack Frye’s Machine Tool program competed in the CNC Milling competition

•    Jacob Vannatter from Eddie Kirkendoll’s Electrical Technology program competed in the Job Interview competition.

•    The following student’s from Jeremy Frazier’s Welding Technology program competed in the SkillsUSA competitions.

o Billie Dotson - Employment Application Process competition

o Dalton Holt, Charles Rosser and Jason Thomas - Welding Fabrication competition

o Seth Wingler - Welding competition

o Josh Ross – Extemporaneous Speaking

RRWCTC would like to thank Logan County Schools for their generous contributions, so that our students would have the opportunity to compete in the WV SkillsUSA competitions this year.





Man Middle School student Morgan Cooper speaks at the

National School Breakfast Week in Charleston






KalLee Elllis 

Logan County School 2019 Spelling Bee Winner  

KalLee is an 8th Grade Student at 

Chapmanville Middle School 

















Logan County Schools

Transportation of Pre K – Third (3rd) Grade Students

State Policy 4336


The Logan County Board of Education is committed to students, parents and the general public to ensure the safety of the young students through sensible and cautious methods. Consistent with these interests and the obligations of the parents of students in the Logan County School System, the Logan County Board of Education has adopted and implemented this Transportation of Pre K – Third Grade students.

For the safety of the Pre K – Thrid grade students, the transportation department bus drivers will not drop a Pre K – Third grade student off at their designated bus stop or an assigned alternate bus stop without a parent, guardian or established responsible adult visibly present to meet the child and take responsibility for the child’s safe departure of the bus stop area.

In cases where a parent, guardian or established responsible person is not visibly present at the bus stop, the school will be notified and the child will be either returned to the school that they attend or where possible, arrangements will be made to have the child picked up at a designated bus stop on the driver’s next run.

When the child is returned to the school, the school administrators will make contact with the parent, guardian or responsible party and make arrangements to have the child picked up at the school.

If this situation continues to persist, a conference will be held with parents, guardian and school personnel to determine a resolution.

On a case by case basis, situations may exist where a parent may make an appeal to the school principal and the transportation department for an exception to this policy.





Logan County School now uses SmartFind Express to call out substitutes.

All employees and substitutes must call and register to be active in the system. 

Please click the link below and follow the directions to register and become active in the system. 








Logan County Guidelines for Classroom Celebrations

Logan County Guidelines for School Celebrations



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