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Welcome to Logan County Schools!

Schools Honored for receiveing A or B Rating

At a recent Board of Education Meeting the following schools were presented

a certificate and flowers for their schools A - F Grade Rating

South Man Elementary received Grade A

Buffalo Elementary received Grade B

Justice Elementary received Grade B

Logan Elementary received Grade B 



Ronnie Ooten - Chapmanville Regional High School Softball Coach has been named National Coach of the Year







Below is a link that was just released by the NWEA's Promotional Campaign on teacher voices.  My podcast was selected to be a part of the campaign.  We have been asked by NWEA to share the link with our network.  Truly it is a blessing to be a part of Logan County Schools and to call myself a West Virginia educator.  Many Blessings and Happy Holidays to All.

 Podcast: Andrea Santos, 2016 West Virginia Teacher of the Year - Teach. Learn. Grow.

Leading from the Classroom: Insights from the 2016 Teachers of the Year In this episode, Andrea Santos, a Spanish teacher at Logan High School in Logan, West.




 If  a classroom teacher submits to the Board, on or before March 1st written notice of her/his intent to retire at the end of the current school year, he/she shall be paid $500 from the Early Notification of Retirement line item established by the West Virginia Department of Education for this purpose, subject to appropriation by the Legislature. If the regular and supplemental appropriations for this program are not sufficient to compensate all such classroom teachers, the priority of payment will be for the classroom teachers who give written notice the earliest.


For the purpose of this section, classroom teacher has been defined by the State Superintendent of Schools to include only classroom teachers, counselors, librarians, and speech/language pathologists.


Any classroom teacher who does not receive the state bonus due to lack of funds and any administrator, regular service and any other regular professional employee who submits, to the Board on or before March 1st, written notice of her/his intent to retire at the conclusion of the current school year shall be paid $500 provided by the Board through local funding per Logan County Schools’ Policies 3140 and 4140.01.


The employee must fulfill her/his contract through the end of the school year in order to qualify for the bonus.

Early notification bonus payments will be made after the retirement is effective but no later than June 30th. This payment shall not be counted as part of the final average salary for the purpose of calculating retirement benefits.


One purpose of this Early Retirement Notification Bonus is to assist me in determining the number of staff members who need to be transferred or RIF’d during personnel season in the spring. If I know the number of vacant position for next year, I may be able to avoid a number of reductions-in-force and heartbreak for the employees who could be affected by such potential reductions. If you know that you are retiring at the end of this school year, I encourage you to take advantage of the Early Retirement Notification Bonus.


If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact Elizabeth Thompson, Director of Personnel, at (304) 792-2058 or












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