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District Belief Statement
Welcome to Logan County Schools!


September Attendance Art Contest Winners

SECONDARY – High School Division:  Logan High – Student:  Meghan Newsome – 10th Grade



 Secondary Winner: Middle School Division:  Chapmanville Middle – Abby Lane – 7th Grade 




 Elementary Winner:  Omar Elementary:  Keelyn Perry – 4th Grade











 Dear  Families of Logan County Schools:


On behalf of the Logan County Board of Education and all of us who work with and support your children, I want to welcome you back for another exciting school year! Our educators are the very best in West Virginia. They have been engaged in learning of their own all summer, attending trainings, reviewing student growth and achievement data, and making plans to engage your students like never before in the classroom.  

Our Board of Education continues to guide our collective focus in ways that provide your children with the very best we have to offer:  

  • We are committed to making improvements to our system that help us provide equity and more opportunities for our students.
  • Weekly Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) have provided additional time for teachers to meet the needs of the students they serve, and our students are already reaping the benefits.
  • Shifting starting times one day a week in the Chapmanville Intermediate and Primary schools to better align with what research tells us is best for adolescents’ physical and emotional wellbeing will be impactful, as well.
  • We continue to refine, explore and expand academically rigorous pathways aligned to West Virginia Academic Standards and community standards with a focus on innovative teaching and learning.  

Throughout the 2019-20 school year, the Logan County Board of Education will consider the findings of the 10 year Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan Committee around the current state of our facilities, program capacity, demographic changes and major capital equipment requirements in order to protect our community’s investment in its schools and to best preserve the legacy of educational excellence in Logan County Schools. We will keep you updated as these conversations continue and your input will be crucial.

It is an exciting time to be in Logan County as great things are happening in each of our schools, and it is my great honor to serve as your superintendent. Logan County Schools is family; there is no better place in which to learn and work. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to do our very best for our community’s children. They deserve it, and we simply cannot do this important work without you. We look forward to seeing you and your children soon.


Best wishes for an outstanding school year,


Patricia Lucas

Logan County Schools Superintendent






The Logan County Board of Education meets the second and fourth  

Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Willis Career Technical  Center. 






 Safe Schools Website    Is available for safety training classes

Click this link for instructions to log into the site. 

Each employee is to complete a total of 7 hours of on-line classes.  

Two classes, FERPA  and  Homeless Students:Awareness & Understanding must be completed by August 12, 2019.  is the Safe School Website




2019 - 2020 School  Calendar  has been approved by Board of Education    


2019 - 2020 Important Dates









The International Center for Leadership in Education Names Man Middle School a 2019 Model School for its Dramatic Improvements in Student Learning and Achievement


Man Middle School will share key learnings from its transformational journey at the 27th Annual Model Schools Conference, June 23-26 in Washington, D.C.


The International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE), whose mission is to challenge, inspire and equip today’s educators, has named Man Middle School a 2019 Model School for making rapid and significant improvements in student outcomes. Man Middle School recognized the need for change, collectively established a vision, and systematically worked together to create a learning environment that enables students of all abilities to thrive.


Man Middle School is one of 18 Model Schools from across the United States that will share its transformational journey and best practices at ICLE’s 27th Annual Model Schools Conference, June 23-26 in Washington, D.C. The event provides a forum for thousands of passionate educators and leaders to share innovative ideas and best practices for
developing future-focused classrooms.


By implementing a school-wide literacy initiative to improve student achievement, Man Middle School created a collaborative culture of learning that is reflected in both staff and students. Thorough planning and well-structured, rigorous strategies, have positively impacted student success in the areas of achievement, discipline, and attendance. Leadership teams have created a platform where teachers teach one another, using mini professional development sessions once a week. The culture of the school has dramatically improved by forming personal relationships among staff and students and celebrating successes. Everyone is learning every day, and with the focus on literacy, students have vastly improved their communication skills in writing, reading, speaking, and reasoning, which spills over into every content area. Staff and students Leading the way with Literacy.


“Model Schools are focused on what matters most: the students,” Dr. Bill Daggett, Founder and Chairman, ICLE. “We commend the 2019 Model Schools for prioritizing the creation of a supportive, systemwide culture of high expectations that that is felt by teachers, leaders, students, parents, and the greater community.”


Selected annually based on a number of criteria, Model Schools must have substantive, data-validated growth year over year; evidence of a strong culture that puts students at the center of learning; and dedication to transforming instruction to meet the needs and demands of the future.


Patricia Lucas, Superintendent for Logan County Schools, states that, “The staff members at Man Middle School are committed and focused on clearly defined student achievement goals. They have a conviction that high standards can help all students excel and a willingness to embrace innovative ideas. They utilize best practices and have a strong urgency to improve opportunities for all youth, no matter what the circumstances.”


“Now more than ever, it’s critical educators and leaders have the opportunity to exchange practical and effective ideas and research-based strategies that will help to prepare students for lifelong success,” said Dr. Daggett. “We’re thrilled to host this year’s Model Schools Conference in our nation’s capital, and look forward to hearing how these trailblazing practitioners are implementing actionable, sustainable change to transform their school’s culture.”


The International Center for Leadership in Education is a division of learning company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


To learn more about the 27th Annual Model Schools Conference, please visit:


About the International Center for Leadership in Education

The International Center for Leadership in Education, established in 1991 and located in Rexford, N.Y., is one of the most influential education consulting companies in America. It is best known for identifying and disseminating successful practices to assist all students in achieving higher standards. Dr. Daggett and his team of consultants have assisted numerous state education agencies and hundreds of schools and districts in their improvement initiatives. For more information, please visit









KalLee Elllis 

Logan County School 2019 Spelling Bee Winner  

KalLee is an 8th Grade Student at 

Chapmanville Middle School 









Logan County Schools

Transportation of Pre K – Third (3rd) Grade Students

State Policy 4336


The Logan County Board of Education is committed to students, parents and the general public to ensure the safety of the young students through sensible and cautious methods. Consistent with these interests and the obligations of the parents of students in the Logan County School System, the Logan County Board of Education has adopted and implemented this Transportation of Pre K – Third Grade students.

For the safety of the Pre K – Thrid grade students, the transportation department bus drivers will not drop a Pre K – Third grade student off at their designated bus stop or an assigned alternate bus stop without a parent, guardian or established responsible adult visibly present to meet the child and take responsibility for the child’s safe departure of the bus stop area.

In cases where a parent, guardian or established responsible person is not visibly present at the bus stop, the school will be notified and the child will be either returned to the school that they attend or where possible, arrangements will be made to have the child picked up at a designated bus stop on the driver’s next run.

When the child is returned to the school, the school administrators will make contact with the parent, guardian or responsible party and make arrangements to have the child picked up at the school.

If this situation continues to persist, a conference will be held with parents, guardian and school personnel to determine a resolution.

On a case by case basis, situations may exist where a parent may make an appeal to the school principal and the transportation department for an exception to this policy.





Logan County School now uses SmartFind Express to call out substitutes.

All employees and substitutes must call and register to be active in the system. 

Please click the link below and follow the directions to register and become active in the system. 








Logan County Guidelines for Classroom Celebrations

Logan County Guidelines for School Celebrations



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