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Eighth grade students a Logan Middle School got a dose of reality when they participated in the “Get a Life” program on Tuesday, November 17, 2015.

“Get a Life” is an educational program sponsored through the West Virginia State Treasurer’s office that emphasizes problem-solving by promoting “economic literacy with realistic financial situations and resolution options.”

During the program students are given a job, family size, and monthly income. Students then visit different stations to purchase items including a home, vehicle, insurance, and groceries. Very quickly, students learn they are not able to have the lifestyle they want to have with their current job. Students then get to go through another round of purchasing, but this time, they have some sort of post-secondary education and can have a better, higher-paying job. Of course, no one can plan for the unexpected in life, so students risk being stopped by the Reaper and given unexpected expenses such as an illness or car repair.

Learning essential money-management skills through this hands-on program allows students to comprehend the importance of having an education in order to be successful in life.

For more information on the “Get a Life” program, contact the West Virginia State Treasurer’s office at 304-558-5000.

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