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School Closings Will Affect Calendar

A new legislative rule will effect this year’s school calendar if schools are forced to close for weather, sickness, and other emergencies. According to the rule, all counties must “provide an instructional term for students of no less than 180 separate days of instruction and a minimum employment term for employees of no less than 200 days.”

The Logan County Board of Education recently approved its new Instructional Day Make-up Policy to reflect the new rule.

Phyllis Doty, Superintendent of Logan County Schools, says parents and students should be aware of the new policy as winter weather approaches.

“Last year we had had 20 snow days in Logan County, and we were only able to make up 8 of those days. With the new policy, we will have to make up any lost instructional day.”

Doty says the county has been preparing for the new policy since last summer.

“Before the year began, our schools worked to create ‘bank time’ throughout the day that can be used to recover time lost from delays and early releases. This time can also be used for faculty senate meetings and professional development, but it can’t be used to make up a full day of school that has been canceled, and it can’t be used for extracurricular activities.”

Not only will school cancelations affect the last day of school for students, they will also have an effect on the county’s graduation dates. In the past, Logan County high schools have graduated on the Thursday and Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Graduation dates for this year are currently scheduled for June 1 and 2, 2015.

“We cannot hold commencement ceremonies more than five days before the final instructional day. Each day we have to add to the end of the year will affect when we can hold graduation,” says Doty.

Due to power outages, there are several schools that have missed an instructional day this year. Verdunville and Holden Elementary were unable to have school on September 3 and Chapmanville-area schools were closed on November 3. All Logan County schools were closed January 7 and 8, 2015, due to winter weather.

The Board of Education’s new policy details how, if needed, outside school environment (OS) days will be used for instruction and discusses how rescheduling will affect employees with a 200 day contract.

The Logan County Schools Instructional Day Make-Up Policy can be found here.

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